hand-made from family recipes using wholesome, seasonal ingredients that are sourced from local farmers whenever possible, our dishes are lovingly handcrafted by our team of passionate cooks, honouring tradition and the wonderful melting pot of cultures that is the Balkan Peninsula.



All-day breakfast

Balkan breakfast
scrambled eggs in tomato, pepper and onion relish with beef sausages and crumbled feta cheese

Komplet eggs
baked free range egg in homemade bread with cheese, sour cream & beef jus

Brunch bestie
sunny side-up egg, slow-cooked beef short rib, baked sour cabbage, sweet potato rosti


Breakfast served until 12PM

Pindjur eggs

poached eggs on slow-roasted tomato and pepper relish

Uštipci / dough fritters with homemade cheese and Serbian beef prosciutto or with sweet homemade cheese and red berry compote

corn flour porridge with green veggies and aged cheese

Somun toastie with homemade cheese, kashkaval cheese and Serbian beef prosciutto

Homemade granola
with Greek yoghurt, peach compote and red berries

Big Balkan Breakfast for 2
4 eggs of your choice, beef sausages, burek or phyllo pie, homemade bread with cheese and jam, garden salad with black olives, coffee or tea, fresh juice

Balkans - our roots

/ traditional Balkan flavors /

Balkan meze
Ajvar / red pepper relish
Urnebes / red hot chilli cheese
Hummus of the day
Greek black olives in olive oil with oregano
Chicken liver pate with sour cherry compote

Balkan cold cut platter
Serbian beef prosciutto, grilled manouri cheese,
homemade eggplant jam and black olives

Shopska salad
cherry tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese

Sirenje vo furna
oven-baked 4 cheeses with beef prosciutto chips

Chicken bone broth
with homemade noodles, chicken meat, carrots and parsley

sour cabbage rolls stuffed with minced beef, and smoked Wagyu brisket

Lamb in milk
with baked sour cabbage and homemade horseradish mayonnaise

Connecting dots

/ daring take on most-loved Balkan dishes /

Roasted zucchini, pepper and eggplant salad
with herb yoghurt dressing and walnuts

Tzatziki salad
cucumber, yoghurt, garlic, dill

Adriatic octopus
with fennel sauce and gremolata

Breaded chicken schnitzel
with aged cheese, cured egg yolk, capers and lemon

Wagyu beef patty stuffed with beef bacon and cheese, and Moravian salad

Dalmatian pasticada
slow-cooked short beef rib stew, with homemade pasta and aged cheese

homemade pasta with roasted tomato sauce and homemade cheese

Dubai - our home

signature dishes / seasonal, local produce / heartbeats of the city

Smoked cevap tartare
raw minced Wagyu beef, onion, fried capers, homemade horseradish mayonnaise and cured egg yolk

Spring salad
lettuce, green peas, cucumber, radish, wheat grains, manouri cheese, mint and elderflower dressing

Summer zucchini moussaka
with lentil and chickpea ragout, tomato sauce and kashkaval cheese

Wagyu beef kebabs with onion, parsley and chili


Chocolate hazelnut baklava
with vanilla ice cream

Schwarzwald mousse
chocolate mousse, vanilla cheese cream, sour cherry compote and mixed nuts crumble

Pistachio milk cake
with date infused milk sauce

Elderflower ice cream
with almond wafers

Walnut strudel




enjoy traditional dishes with authentic accents from coasts, valleys and mountains, re-imagined for cosmopolitan Dubai and infused with the warmth, generosity and hospitality of home.