hand-made from family recipes using wholesome, seasonal ingredients that are sourced from local farmers whenever possible, our dishes are lovingly handcrafted by our team of passionate cooks, honouring tradition and the wonderful melting pot of cultures that is the Balkan Peninsula.



Breakfast served until 5PM

balkan breakfast
scrambled eggs in tomato, pepper and onion relish with beef  chorizo sausages, crumbled feta cheese

komplet egg
sunny-side up egg in homemade bread with cheese, sour cream, beef jus

brunch bestie
sunny-side up egg with pulled beef, baked sour cabbage, sweet potato rosti

pindjur eggs
poached eggs on slow-roasted pepper and tomato relish, creamy yoghurt

omelette butter roll
with beef prosciutto, kashkaval cheese, tomato relish and rocket leaves

creamy polenta
with sauteed wild mushrooms, spring onion, beef jus

balkan benedict
poached eggs on homemade buhtla bread with creamy spinach, crispy beef bacon, hollandaise sauce

cheese somun tostie
grilled homemade somun bread with cheese, butter, homemade pickles

homemade pita bread
with feta cheese mousse, cherry tomatoes, red grape, spinach, onion

princess crepe
with kajmak clotted cream, dried fruit compote and almonds

homemade granola
with greek yoghurt, peach compote and fresh mixed berries

eggs your way
your choice of fried, scrambled or omelette with grilled cherry tomatoes

Breakfast served until 12PM

4 eggs of your choice, beef sausages or beef bacon, burek cheese or burek meat, house mezze selection, homemade somun bread, coffee or tea and fresh juice

Baked goodness

Burek | signature phyllo pastry
cheese or minced beef

Phyllo pie | homemade, straight-out-of-the-oven phyllo pastry

creamy spinach
goat cheese, honey and thyme
cherry with vanilla cream

Small plates

Balkan meze
ajvar  red pepper relish
urnebes  red chilli cheese
hummus  of the day
chicken liver pate  with sour cherry compote
assorted greek olives  in olive oil with oregano
kajmak  savoury clotted cream
tzatziki cucumber, yoghurt, garlic and dill
grilled chilli peppers with garlic marinade

cold cut platter
beef prosciutto, spicy beef pepperoni, homemade pickles, herb yoghurt

baked beetroot carpaccio
with blackberry sauce, brown butter, almonds and taragon

burnt eggplant hummus
with olive oil and walnuts

shopska salad
cherry tomato, cucumber, onion and feta cheese

greens salad
romaine lettuce, baby spinach, rocket leaves, basil, mint, apple vinaigrette

roasted zucchini, pepper and eggplant
with herb yoghurt and walnuts

zucchini fritters
with lemon zest

grilled corn
with homemade spice and basil mayo

hand-rolled pasta with cherry tomato sauce and homemade cheese

grilled prawns
greek spice, dry white wine reduction, butter, herb panic crumbs

chicken bone broth
with homemade noodles, chicken meat and carrots

marinated chicken thigh skewers
with chicken jus, onion ash, chives

phyllo pie
creamy spinach/ goat cheese, honey and thyme


wagyu beef kebabs with beef jus, pickled onion and chilli

sour cabbage rolls stuffed with minced beef, served with smoked brisket

wagyu beef patty stuffed with beef bacon and cheese, with moravian salad and spring onion

beef and quail ragout
with homemade papardele pasta and kashkaval cheese

breaded chicken roll
stuffed with cheese, creamy green peas and spinach, homemade pickles

barley risotto
with cepes mushroom, beef jus, kashkaval cheese, onion ash and truffle oil

catch of the day
fresh market fish and seafood (ask about our daily option)

summer zucchini moussaka
with lentil and chickpea ragout, tomato sauce and aged cheese

chef’s special
slow-cooked lamb shank in milk, gyuvech orzo



chocolate hazelnut baklava
with vanilla ice cream

caramelized banana split
with salted dates, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream cocoa crumble

princess crepe rolls
with clotted cream mousse, dried fruit compote and almonds

cherry phyllo pie
with vanilla cream

walnut strudel
homemade pastry roll with walnut filling




enjoy traditional dishes with authentic accents from coasts, valleys and mountains, re-imagined for cosmopolitan Dubai and infused with the warmth, generosity and hospitality of home.