21 GRAMS, the weight of a human soul. 21 degrees, the latitude the Balkan Peninsula.

slow life

A labor of love, 21GRAMS offers a sincerely authentic experience curated by our own operating and creative partner Stasha, who has pored over every detail of the 21GRAMS experience, from the food, the space, the ambiance, to the intricate details etched on our serving platters, to bring you a cozy urban bistro experience where friends and travelers alike gather around to celebrate the simple things in life.


Born from a genuine desire for an edible piece of her heritage, 21GRAMS honors Stasha’s passion for wholesome soul food, and her desire to create a uniquely authentic experience inspired by the diverse ethnicities, cultures and cuisines of the Balkan Peninsula.


Daily inspiration and dedicated souls behind, below and at the forefront of 21grams.

Come on over and meet us. We’ve got a lot to share.

Soulful Handcrafts

Every dish at our bistro contains freshly-sourced ingredients, follows traditional recipes and contains modern execution by our very Balkan Bedouin chef. It also contains passion, soul, hard work and integrity, fed with love by our soulfood makers who make each one by hand.

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